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Moffat denies American move planned for Doctor Who

Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday (July 28), Doctor Who producer Steven Moffat has said that it is unlikely that the series will follow in spin-off Torchwood‘s footsteps and become an American production.

“It’s entirely about story,” Moffat pointed out. “I don’t think in order to make Doctor Who successful in America you have to make stories set in America,” although he did agree that “absolutely, we like coming here.”

Moffat also addressed worries about the content of the next episode, Let’s Kill Hitler, which apparently sees the time travellers decide whether to save Hitler’s life. “We are against Hitler,” the producer said. “I think he was a bad thing and I’m glad he’s gone. The worst thing you could do to that awful man is to take the Mickey out of him on Doctor Who. Don’t worry, we’re not really going to save Hitler. He’s dead already, so we can’t.”

The producer also explained why he had changed the format of the show for this year. “A series as it gets older can feel like a tradition. And tradition is the enemy of suspense, it’s the enemy of comedy, it’s the enemy of everything. And you have to shake it up.”

Let’s Kill Hitler airs in America on August 27, and is expected on the BBC the same evening.


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