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Joe Dante directing supernatural thriller Labirintus

Gremlins and Bury the Ex director Joe Dante has confirmed that he is helming a new genre movie, Labirintus.

Dante describes the film on his Facebook page as “a chilling supernatural thriller with a terrific script by Glasgow-based Sci-Fi novelist Alan Campbell!” Labirintus is set in the catacombs beneath Buda Castle in Hungary where a paranormal investigator and psychiatric researcher join forces to explore an abandoned subterranean Soviet research facility, hidden within the Budapest Labyrinth. According to Goldcrest Films, “When supernatural forces confound and torment the group they begin to question their own sanity. To escape they must quash their fears and lead their team to find and destroy the dark heart of the maze.”

Goldcrest Films MD Pascal Degove commented: “Extraordinary to be working with Joe Dante – a director who has been thrilling, surprising and scaring audiences his entire career. Labirintus is a creepy and unnerving journey into the psyche and Joe is the perfect director to bring that to the big screen.”

Read our recent interview with Joe Dante here


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