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Moffat sets record straight on Who’s 50th anniversary

3 DoctorsMultiple stories have been going the rounds over the years about the reasons for John Hurt joining the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, and showrunner Steven Moffat has finally gone on record with his account of the turbulent preparation of The Day of the Doctor.

Talking to Radio Times, Moffat explains how the show morphed from the three 21st Century Doctors into possibly just a show with Jenna Coleman (although he may not be entirely serious at that point), and then into the story that we saw two years ago today, 23rd November 2013.

Along the way, he talks about the meeting he had with Christopher Eccleston (and the 9th Doctor’s knowledge of the show since his departure), as well as his reassessement of the 1980s era of the show.

Click here to read the full piece at Radio Times.


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