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Joe Hill’s NOS 4A2 driving onto AMC

Nos4r2-Joe-Hill-GollanczJoe Hill’s tale of the evil Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, licence plate NOS4A2 (or NOS4R2 if you’re British!) is heading to AMC.

The series will be based on Hill’s 2013 novel, which Deadline describes as centering “on Victoria ‘Vic’ McQueen, a young woman with an uncanny talent for finding lost things… a gift that is gradually destroying her mind. Her search for help leads her to someone with powers not unlike her own: the psychopath Charlie Manx, who has survived for a century by abducting children in his 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith (license plate: NOS4A2), and draining his passengers of their souls to keep himself forever young. When Manx kidnaps Vic’s own son, she’ll plunge into the impossible, nightmare world that lies just beneath the surface of everyday America in a desperate attempt to get him back.”

Hill returned to Manx’s story for comicbook series Wraith. At present there is no writer attached to the adaptation produced by Michael Eisner and AMC.

Read our review of the book here, and the comicbook series here.


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