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Last minute Christmas gifts needed?

TheHobbit-ExtendedStill looking for a Christmas gift for the SFF screen fan in your life? Why not try some of these recommended items – links to our reviews will give you more details!



Lord of the Rings fan missing their latest Peter Jackson fix? Try this box-set of the extended edition of The Hobbit movies, or SFB’s editors’ own contribution to the Middle-earth mythos, Middle-earth Envisioned.


Bond design backHow about Bond? You can’t get SPECTRE to buy yet, but there’ve been some excellent books to accompany the movie’s release – including Bond by Design and James Bond Cars as well as our own Bond vs. Bond!






AvengersMarvel addict? The very enjoyable latest addition of the Avengers Encyclopedia will provide hours of reading.






Horror fan? You may need to get creative to find a copy, but the Hellraiser Scarlet Box Set is an essential addition to any collection…





wilkie_cover-400x600Looking at the small screen, two books on Doctor Who‘s rich history should be on their shelves: Impossible Worlds – which looks at the design of the show across six decades – and Bernard Wilkie’s memoir A Peculiar Effect on the BBC. It’s also well worth checking out Big Finish’s new series material – Strax meets the infernal investigators in Jago & Litefoot & Strax, while the latest incarnation of Torchwood goes from strength to strength.





quatermassDVDQuatermass fans have been well-served by Network’s release of the final story, starring John Mills, as well as Kim Newman’s BFI book on Quatermass and the Pit.






Got housesFor Game of Thrones fans, there’s the latest guide –  The Noble Houses of Westeros





seekers3_large-497x800And if they’re a fan of Star Trek, then they should already be reading the new Seekers series from David Mack, Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore… or if they want a standalone Captain Kirk adventure, Greg Cox’s Foul Deeds Will Rise is a sequel to a classic episode!





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