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Get ready for The X-Files’ return (video)

In preparation for the return of The X-Files on January 24th, Fox has released an extended behind the scenes look.

The twenty-one minute documentary features interviews with creator and producer Chris Carter as well as stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, looking back at the nine years and two feature films of the original run and forward to the six-episode event series.

Featuring clips that establish how much this new series is tied to the original mythology, the documentary also includes Carter’s confirmation that fan pressure was responsible for the show’s return.

Channel 5 will be running the series in the UK.


One thought on “Get ready for The X-Files’ return (video)

  1. Hey I was a very late comer to the X-File. Sad but true my sole purpose during this shows run on the Network was to only focus on keeping myself and family in food and shelter and so little free time to escape into stories made out of some groups techno imaginations, I miss any and all water cooler humanity. My ending as a provider allowed a decent into a 9season box set, one that bettered my appreciation of mankind and no doubt saved a dwindling mind. I tried to watch this Teaser and at 6:55 minuets had to pause and quit playback. My heart rate and ache needed more and less of what was offered, I want to be overwhelmed at broadcast and will look forward to these and other features included with the next boxed DVD set when Chris Carter and his partners decide to do the formal release. I giggle thinking soon the return of X-Files is less than a Idea and a week or two away.

    Posted by Mr James | January 5, 2016, 3:16 am

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