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Join the Cops and Monsters!

Cops and MonsteresParanormal digital series Cops and Monsters is looking for new recruits to help the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland as they police creatures in their city…

When a powerful werewolf, known only as Lycan A202, accidentally kills her protector and escapes, the PITS team is tasked with finding her and bringing her in to custody before it’s too late. However the mysterious Cult of Many Faces plans to exploit the lycan’s unique ability to transform without the influence of the lunar cycle. Meanwhile, the newly elected Deputy First Minister, Alan Smith, has his own vision for the country and has radical plans for the PITS team and their operations…

Three episodes of a planned seven have so far been produced by writer/director Fraser Coull and the team behind Cops and Monsters, who took to crowdfunding for their show and are in the final days of their Kickstarter to fund a fourth episode.

Norris Fletcher and Maya Hedges - characters from 'Cops and Monsters' in Glasgow - 18 July 2015Cast members so far include Sarah Louise Madison (Weeping Angel from Doctor Who), Caitlin Blackwood (Little Amy Pond, also from Doctor Who), Rachel Teate (Kara, Wolfblood), Billy Kirkwood (Insane Champion Wrestling, School of Silence), Ellen Patterson, Simon Weir (The Acid House, River City), Kirsty Strain (River City, Burnistoun), Colin McCredie (Taggart, River City) and Sophie Aldred (Ace from Doctor Who) will be appearing in Episode 4, should the funding campaign prove a success.

Award winning writer Roland Moore (Land Girls, Doctors) is writing a spin-off minisode along with Hannah George (Wolfblood, Justin’s House) who is joining Roland in writing a minisode that will be included in the series DVD and is available as a perk on the campaign.

Episodes can be found on their website and also accessed through the official Twitter account at @copsandmonsters

The link to their campaign is



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