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Baker’s End is nigh

bakers-end-smallTom Baker’s End is rapidly approaching – a new audio series, featuring Baker as himself, that is.

Bafflegab Productions have announced their  “murksome” and “swervish” new audio series, starring Tom Baker as himself. Baker’s End stars the acting legend alongside former Doctor Who companion Katy Manning, and Susan Jameson, who played opposite Tom in the BBC Doctor Who Nest Cottage audio series. The series is written by Paul Magrs (Doctor Who, Brenda and Effie).

According to Magrs: “I was in email conversation with Mr Tom Baker (he sends hilarious emails) and we were coming up with some outrageous ideas for stories… all these funny little messages sent between us quickly bore fruit and I ended up writing episode one of a rather macabre and comic series called ‘Baker’s End’ in which Tom Baker plays Tom Baker and all kinds of hilarity and oddness ensues. It involves a parade of curious characters played by some of my favourite actors… and a large, dancing cat.”

Baker adds: “It’s so strange and funny and brisk, so brisk. I laughed a lot. Do I deserve all this? In the twilight I’m still looking for fun and the company of jolly companions. Katy Manning is always dynamite, and Susan Jameson is of course wonderful. I’m looking forward to it all.”

Katy Manning said: “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! A master class being in a studio with the brilliance of Baker, doing a script that could only come from the joyously clever and whacky imagination of Magrs (whose extraordinary scripts and characters I have been lucky enough to voice over 15 years), surrounded by a superb cast and in the safe hands of director/producer Simon Barnard! I am a very lucky Manning!”

Susan Jameson comments: “It’s great to be back in the mad and wonderful world of Paul Magrs. Can’t wait to play Mrs Frimbly as she marches her way though all kinds of madness!”

The first in the series, ‘The King of Cats,’ will be released on CD and download on September 2nd 2016, and will be available from or Amazon. Further episodes will be released every two months.



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