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Colony’s Condal restarts Logan’s Run

newloganThe Sandmen are back in business – the Logan’s Run reboot has a new scriptwriter.

Colony’s Ryan Condal has been tapped to write the screenplay based on the treatment by X-Men’s Simon Kinberg, who will be producing alongside Joel Silver and small screen maestro Greg Berlanti.

The novel Logan’s Run was written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, and published in 1967. A movie followed in 1976 and a short-lived TV series the year after. There have been many attempts to remake the story over the last few years, but none has progressed very far. Nolan published a couple of sequels, and there have been various comic book adaptations and continuations.

The story is set in a future society where everyone is meant to undergo voluntary euthanasia at the age of 21 (raised to 30 for the movie and TV show). Those that refuse to go to a “sleepshop” on their “lastday” run, and try to find a mythical Sanctuary, pursued by Sandmen – including Logan-5.


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