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Help race to The Verge in a new SF short

VergeThree women are fighting their way towards the top of a flooding building as the world comes to an end, all part of an enigmatic selection process that will change the fate of humanity.

That’s the logline for The Verge, a new action, SF short film currently in preproduction, and funding on Kickstarter. The script was written by award winning writer and New York Film Academy graduate Alba Moyano, and the film will be directed by Mark J.Blackman, an award-winning director with extensive experience working on short films, music, corporate and broadcast promos around the world. It is produced by Zbigniew Siwek, owner of Thunderhawk Pictures.

Verge posterThey’ve raised over 60% of the £10,000 budget but are now seeking fans’ help to achieve their goals. The bulk of the budget will go to the set design and the locations. “Bringing a sci-fi apocalyptic world to life is both challenging and expensive, and we want to make sure that we have the means to do it right,” the team note. “We will also be bringing on board actors trained in martial arts and onscreen combat along with fight choreographers to make the action sequences as riveting and original as possible.”

To help support The Verge, click here for details of pledges and rewards. Sci-Fi Bulletin will be covering the making of the movie if it’s funded.


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