Dorian Gray: Review: The Confessions of Dorian Gray: Frostbite (Christmas 2014)

Dorian frostbiteChristmas Eve, 1947, and a chance encounter in New York is enough to freeze the blood…

Sometimes, as they say, less is more, and while this very short tale from Dorian’s memoirs almost feels like a vignette, it manages to achieve considerably more in its seven or so minute running time than some full-length tales.

Mark B. Oliver’s story doesn’t waste a word, with a neat amalgamation of Alexander Vlahos’ narration and dialogue: I was just starting to wonder if I’d imagined seeing Laura Doddington’s name on the cover when she started to speak. The revelation of the woman in blue’s identity should be enough to give regular listeners to the series a similar chill to the cold that Dorian is feeling – and it will be very interesting to see where this fits in to the ongoing narrative.

Verdict: A haunting little tale that promises much for the next batch of Dorian’s adventures – don’t miss it. 8/10

Paul Simpson

The free download is available here


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