Being Human: Review: Series 4 Ep 5: Hold the Front Page (Spoiler-free review)

Adam’s back – and he’s on the run with his new lover…

What begins as a rather irritating episode that feels as if it’s going to be the runt of this season turns halfway through into something far closer to the original intentions of Being Human, as the various supernaturals realise that there’s no difference between them and mortal human beings when it comes to such things as emotions and the trouble they bring.

As with last week’s episode, a lot hinges around the performance of the guest stars, and Selina Griffiths and Craig Roberts are both given some great material to work with. Those who enjoyed Becoming Human may be a little disappointed in Adam’s character development in the time since then, but the interaction between Adam and Griffiths’ Yvonne more than makes up for it.

The drama of Adam’s arrival and the problems he brings with him bring out another development for Annie which she finds as disturbing as the audience, once she realises it. She and Hal find some common ground, which leads to some conclusions that neither character expects. Of course, that doesn’t stop Annie being used for comic relief (and you need to think carefully about one of the best of those scenes once the episode’s finished.)

Verdict: Stick with this: it’s nowhere near as annoying as it first appears, and turns into a classic Being Human episode.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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