Jordskott: Review: Series 1 Episode 1 (Spoiler-free)

JordskottSome years after her daughter disappeared, detective Eva Thörnblad returns home for her father’s funeral and learns that Josefine isn’t the only missing child…

If you’re into subtitled dark Scandinavian detective series, of the sort BBC Four specialises in, then chances are that ITV Encore’s new show Jordskott is on your radar already. But it’s also a series that will appeal to those who like the use of myth and legend in drama, as ancient stories are shown to have more validity than those living in the huge forests that cover large swathes of Sweden would prefer to believe.

Moa Gammel as Thörnblad carries a lot of this opener, credible both as the happy mother of seven years previously, and the haunted cop of the present day who will do what is required in a situation (as she does in the opening scene) apparently without too much regard for her own safety.

There’s much that seems very familiar about the first episode, but as the hour ticks by, the feeling of oppression that surrounds the characters may not have quite the roots that you expect, and there are hints of darker forces at play. When a child is found, some obvious conclusions can be drawn… but as with Fortitude, things that may seem obvious are anything but..

Verdict: A dark blend of genres that I suspect will draw audiences to ITV Encore as it did in Sweden… 8/10

Paul Simpson




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