Review: The Sarah Jane Adventures: AudioGo: Judgement Day

AudioGo, out November 10

Sarah Jane finds herself reliving old memories as she is put on trial for her life…

Anjli Mohindra demonstrates an interesting talent for mimicry in this second Sarah Jane Adventure to follow the series’ TV conclusion, as she brings her character’s parents to vivid life in Scott Gray’s intriguing tale.

Where Martin Day’s Children of Steel was a straightforward adventure for Sarah Jane and the gang, this is a much more reflective piece, in the style of some of the show’s most successful stories. At its heart, Sarah is charged with being a hypocrite – as a young student, she espoused the belief that the truth must be revealed no matter what. However as she came in contact with alien creatures, she realised that sometimes people are not best served by the truth coming out, and there are some terrific flashbacks to the aftermath of some of her Doctor Who adventures.

Sarah and Rani are also made to understand exactly what they’ve put people through, especially including Rani’s mother. It’s quite a brave move because it’s basically challenging the decisions made by the production team in a way we’re used to seeing in the Virgin Doctor Who New Adventures, yet still reaffirming them.

If this does end up being the final Sarah Jane Adventure in any format – and somehow, I really don’t believe that will be the case – then Gray has served Lis Sladen and the team proud.

Verdict: A surprisingly mature tale that sees the range go out on a high.  8/10

Paul Simpson


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