Lost Girl: Review: Season 1 Ep 8

Bo is determined to save the life of a child-murderer when she realises that the woman faced the same choices she now has – and paid the penalty.

This series is starting to fulfil its potential, with an episode that shows a number of characters in their true light. Dr Lauren is owned by the Ash, and he makes it very clear that she is to obey his every order, even if that means betraying Bo. Meanwhile Trick offers Bo some help, both with her current problem and going forward: is this the same fae who was acting so negatively towards her in the early episodes?

While the sex has always been pretty graphic, the violence quotient ups this time around as well: we’ve seen the aftermath of violence before now, and there have been some dirty fights, but this is the first time that there’s been a real element of sadism and voyeurism involved. The confrontation between the mesmer and the vampire is plain nasty, and I can imagine some viewers not coming back after that commercial break.

It’s a Kensi-lite episode although she does have a few good moments; there’s also no sign of Dyson’s partner, even at the various crime scenes. It’s at times like that the show’s restricted budget is clear, but overall it continues to improve. 

Episode 8: “Vexed”: 7/10

Paul Simpson


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