Lost Girl: Review: Series 1 Ep 11

Dyson is accused of murdering a Dark Fae – and the evidence points in his direction.

There are a few moments during this episode where you can actually believe the producers are going to be daring and actually leave a situation where one of the “good” guys really has committed murder – but, to no-one’s real surprise, Dyson isn’t the werewolf responsible for the murder. It is a bit of a giveaway when there’s a great fuss made about the weird tattoo on his back earlier in the episode: Lost Girl doesn’t go in for that much foreshadowing!

An otherwise enjoyable story is let down by some wooden acting by this week’s damsel in distress: Ksenia Solo does her best to lift the scenes but she really does have an uphill battle, and it’s a relief when she disappears from view. There’s some byplay between Trick and the Ash, who, for the leader of the Light Fae, seems to have a very nasty streak to him – whatever the history between him and Trick, it’s clearly left some bitterness and resentment.

The series is rapidly becoming an ensemble show, which takes some of the pressure off Anna Silk, allowing her to sparkle more in her scenes.

Verdict: Apart from the acting problem child, another enjoyable hour. 

Episode 11: “Faetal Justice” 7/10

Paul Simpson


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