Review: Angel & Faith #7

Daddy Issues Part Two

Script: Christos Gage

Art: Rebekah Isaacs

Cover: Steve Morris/Rebekah Isaacs with Dan Jackson

Following on from last month’s revelation that the mysterious Mother Superior causing such a stir in London is none other than Drusilla, this issue follows Angel as he wrestles with the guilt stirred up by her arrival. Meanwhile Faith comes to terms with her father’s unexpected arrival.

The introduction of Faith’s father to the storyline in this arc acts as a reminder of how little we actually know about her character’s history. Faith has always been something of a maverick who plays her emotional cards close to her chest so the opportunity to find out a little more about her past is a welcome one. Despite her tough exterior Faith has always been forgiving of other people’s weaknesses but the question remains whether she can extend the same forgiveness to her own father. Perhaps the more important question though is whether he deserves it.

There’s nothing more likely to stir up a situation involving Angel than the arrival of his greatest triumph of evil – Drusilla. Driven insane by Angelus and then turned into a vampire, Drusilla is the walking embodiment of everything that tortures Angel’s conscience. The chemistry between the two characters was one of the most enjoyable aspects of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gage captures it again here. Seemingly sane, Drusilla has been gathering a congregation of devoted followers and claims to be bringing relief to people plagued by misfortune. Needless to say that Angel is less than convinced.

Isaacs does a wonderful job of capturing Drusilla’s body language here as she works to convince Angel of her good intentions. Meanwhile as Faith comes to terms with her father’s appearance Isaacs’ mastery of the subtleties of expression really comes into its own.

Another great issue and one that explores some of the more interesting aspects of both characters. 7/10

Bernice Watson


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