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HomeDreamWorks’ latest 3D animated comedy…

When the Boov (a race of aliens who are experts at running away and use bubbles in most of their technology) invade the Earth in an effort to hide from their terrifying enemy, the Gorg, all the humans are rounded up and sent to live in one settlement in the desert. Meanwhile, the Boovs’ cover is blown by Oh, an extraordinarily accident-prone Boov who has never really fitted in. While on the run from his people, he meets Tip, a resourceful and feisty teenage girl who evaded capture by the Boov and is now on a quest of her own. They become friends, and together they must prevent the earth’s imminent destruction by the Gorg whilst still avoiding capture by the Boovs’ hapless leader, Captain Smek.

Sophie’s verdict: I really loved this film, because although it is still a side-splitting round-the-world adventure, it has some poignant moments that really make you think. The casting is excellent: The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons is hilarious as Oh, and Rihanna is perfect for the role of Tip. It also has an awesome soundtrack! 8/10

Paul’s verdict: This doesn’t have quite as much for adults – at least in the first third – as many DreamWorks pictures, but it definitely becomes more family-friendly as it progresses. There are quite a few in-jokes for SF fans, and although it’s never going to be one of the studio’s top releases, it’s a very entertaining Easter holiday treat. 7/10




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