Thunderbirds are Go: Review: Series 1 Episode 14: Falling Skies

TB 1.14Lady Penelope and Parker are aboard a new space hotel, based around technology created by Brains. Surely nothing can go wrong…

Er, well, if that were the case, we wouldn’t have any episodes of Thunderbirds, past or present. What’s enjoyable about this first story in the new run of the 21st Century version of the show is that it’s a good team effort, with all five of the main Thunderbirds seen (even if TB3 does get an abbreviated launch sequence, with accompanying changed music) and some decent air time for Kayo, even if it does once again use her more as a fighter against her relative. Rob Hoegee provides some enjoyable dialogue – the Parker/Penelope/Gordon vignette in the pod bay of TB2 was very nicely done – and there was a nice (if, I’m sure, totally unconscious) mirroring of old and new Thunderbirds, with Thunderbirds 1965 currently shooting Introducing Thunderbirds, in which Parker complains about the amount of baggage Penny takes to Tracy Island, and Thunderbirds are Go’s Parker expressing similar dissatisfaction.

What was also good to see was some of the scale issues being addressed: shots of the various craft together worked well (although please reshoot that Dinky toy shot of TB2 rolling towards the ramp in the launch sequence!), and the music score was nicely integrated in and out of the opening credits – all little things, but they help make the show flow more smoothly.

Verdict: A strong episode for the show’s return. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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