Review: Star Trek #7

Vulcan’s Vengeance #1

Words: Mike Johnson

Art: Joe Phillips

A Vulcan ship comes under attack – apparently from other Vulcans…

Starting off with a distinct oddity – a tavern in the Delta Quadrant, an area that as far as we knew wasn’t explored during the 23rd Century – this first wholly original story for the nuEnterprise crew picks up on some of the obvious loose ends from the 2009 movie. Were  all of Nero’s crew killed on board the Narada? What did the Klingons do with the ship while they held Nero captive during the 25 years jump between the start of the movie and the main action? Was all the red matter dispersed (actually, the answer to that has to be yes, or there would be some serious problems in that area of space… but then again, red matter wasn’t exactly governed by the rules of physics in the film, so basically, anything could happen.)

A lot of good explanations are going to be needed in the second part to make sense of much of what happens in this chapter: the big reveal at the end (which is rather given away right from the start) is obvious a few pages earlier but there doesn’t appear to be much logic to it. Mike Johnson gets the characters of the Enterprise crew right – and there’s a nice reappearance for one of the survivors of the Galileo 7 – but Joe Phillips’ art is not detailed enough. In fact, in many places it resembles the highly over-photoshopped pictures of Pine and Quinto that were originally released to the media!

Verdict: This needed to be something really special, and it isn’t.  6/10

Paul Simpson


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