Blake’s 7: Review: Big Finish Audio: The Liberator Chronicles 9.3: Secrets

B7LIB0903_secrets_1417Vila, Grant and Tavac try to get hold of a vitally important list – but will other issues get in the way?

Spoilers – This review contains spoilers for the end of Planetfall. Do not read on unless you have heard the final scene of that story.





The ongoing saga of the list continues in this story, but it’s almost a MacGuffin to provide background for the most important element of this tale – the relationship between Tavac and Vila.

The pair get a number of powerful scenes together, the best of which is on the flight deck of the Liberator. It doesn’t matter that the two men are on board the most powerful spaceship in the galaxy – the story that unfolds could take place in any society where the rich and powerful exert undue influence, not caring what the consequences of their actions are.

Director Lisa Bowerman ensures that Michael Keating and David Warner grab every nuance from the scene – Keating’s low growl when a certain name is mentioned is more frightening than Avon at his most chilling. You can almost start a countdown from that moment to the final moments of the story which show a side to Vila Restal that we’ve rarely, if ever, seen before, and one that you have to hope will indeed have consequences.

We also get to meet another new character, Ada Traninan, brought to life through Keating’s narration in this tale, but who will hopefully reappear down the line – an acquaintance of Del Grant, who could be a very useful contact for the Liberator crew down the line.

Verdict: Some great character work makes this the best of the set. 9/10

Paul Simpson

<<<9.2 Planetfall

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