Humans: Review: Series 1 Episode 2

Humans 2The Synths prove to be more capable than anyone expects…

That’s pretty much the theme for all the different strands in this second episode, as the Synths apparently start to stray outside their programming. They come to the rescue of their friends, they lie, they initiate contact which they shouldn’t do, and if they don’t go as far as committing murder, they certainly inflict serious injury on humans. Isaac Asimov would be shocked… particularly at the look on the faces of Gemma Chan’s Anita and Emily Berrington’s Niska when they get their way.

It’s not a simple matter of humans bad, Synths good though; in some cases, they break their programming because it’s the right – in fact, dare one say, human – thing to do. Anita comforts the frightened Sophie, despite the prohibition on contact; and she doesn’t betray Toby, Sophie’s brother’s less than wholesome interest in her to his parents. Vera – Rebecca Front’s Nurse Ratched-like carer – is determined that George won’t come to harm, so will remove him from a potentially hazardous area even if that means initiating contact. And as for the rest of Leo’s merry band, we already know that they will do what is necessary… but there are questions over exactly who, or what, Leo is…

Verdict: An enjoyable continuation of the various plotlines but further intersection will be good. 8/10

Paul Simpson



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