The Avengers: Review: Big Finish Audio: Steed and Mrs Peel 1.2: The Miser

AVCSA0102_themiser_1417Steed discovers True North; Emma asks existential questions

The second of these recreations of the Avengers’ more outlandish period also comes from the pens of Simon Barnard and Paul Morris, based on the three-part comic strip that appeared in Diana magazine. As with the first, there’s the bare outline of a plot in the strip – enough to provide some key events for the audio, but certainly very little of the characterisation that is what brings the stories to life. Barnard and Morris don’t hesitate to rework elements of the story completely (the beginning, for instance, has Steed and Emma witnessing the train crash – it’s far more effective if it’s someone else doing so), and add in their own Avengers-esque twists along the way.

We get one of those acronymed organisations that were memorably peppered through the series (this time it’s Ron from REG or was it Reg from RON… a Krays-zy pun that fits neatly into the story), and some well-produced action sequences by Steve Foxon, Alastair Lock and Ken Bentley, from a train crash and traffic going haywire when the power in London is stopped, to a rescue from a burning building. Julian Wadham and Olivia Poulet are separated for much of the story, and capture Steed and Mrs Peel’s very different way of dealing with situations – Emma’s dialogue with the henchmen is particularly nicely done.

The guest stars all sound as if they’re having fun with the over the top nature of the material and you have to just go with the flow and accept the lunatic ambitions of the Miser and his ilk if you’re going to enjoy The Avengers of this period!

Verdict: Another fun caper. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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