True Blood: Review: Season 5 Ep11

HBO, 19 August 2012

Sookie meets the fairy elder and prepares for a showdown with Russell. Eric makes a move while Pam puts herself in the firing line. Andy gets a surprise visit and a bit of a shock. Lilith makes an offer to the remaining members of the Authority.

With just about all the minor plot threads that have been fragmenting the overall impact of this season now done and dusted, it might be expected that it could go out with a strong focus on the main storyline surrounding Lilith and the Sanguinista Movement.

Unfortunately, the Authority don’t make for a captivating ‘big bad’ of the season—and where exactly (apart from the disappointingly dreary Salome) are these Sanguinistas anyway? All we get are the threat of baby vamps running rampant around Bon Temps. For the penultimate episode, ‘Sunset’ also contains far too much in the way of holding patterns and retreads. Here’s a new fairy character, oops she’s away! Eric’s free, but now Pam’s caught. How many repetitions of a blood-drenched Lilith do we need anyway? Take a bath woman! And aren’t we all sick of pokerfaced Evil Bill by now?

That new fairy by the way: her introduction suggested something quite weird with references to phasing in and out, but we weren’t given some interesting special effect. No, she just proved to be a lot like a tipsy female relative dancing embarrassingly at a family wedding.

Ah well… There are some nice character moments in the episode, with Andy for one in his confusion over Maurella’s pregnancy coming quickly after his declaration to do right by Holly, with Jessica and Jason for another, as Jason proves immune to Jessica’s hints about being forced to turn him but eventually leaps to action, and Pam, Tara and Jessica liven things up nicely with their witty exchanges as well.

Verdict: Just give us Pam’s Halfway House for Baby Vamps, please!

Episode 11 ‘Sunset’: 6/10

Brigid Cherry


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