Resurrection: Review: Series 1 Episode 2: Unearth

FRANCES FISHER, OMAR EPPSCaleb claims he can’t remember his own death, as Jacob’s mother tries to find a way for her son to be accepted.

Resurrection maintains its leisurely story-telling pace: if this were a movie script, then chances are the end of this second episode would probably come about twenty minutes into the story. The new lives of Caleb and Jacob continue to run in parallel: Caleb’s family are split over accepting him, as Jacob’s is, and both of their returns spell problems for others in the community.

At the moment the series seems to oscillate between being a Peyton Place style soap opera, with the strangers coming back to town and forcing long-hidden secrets out into the open, and the more horrific ramifications of such resurrections. Certainly the opening dream sequence, in which both Caleb and Jacob seem to suffer a horrible fate, tends towards the latter, but then there’s very little more on that score until we reach the final two scenes. If that opening scene had come after Jacob is left on the football field alone, it might have combined the two more effectively.

Omar Epps and Frances Fisher have a great chemistry on screen: the scenes between the two of them are the highlights of the episode, and hopefully they will continue to be the focus going forward.

Verdict: There are more revelations in this episode than you might first believe, making Resurrection an intriguing watch. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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