Damien: Review: Series 1 Episode 3: The Deliverer

Damien 1.3Damien starts to investigate Ann Rutledge, as the wave of deaths around him sparks police interest…

One of the best things about this reinvention of the Omen mythos is the gradual reveal of everything that’s been going on around Damien between the end of the first movie and the start of the series – we hear of more horrendous events to which he’s been witness (and Bradley James is horrifyingly good in his description of a vicious attack by warlords – chances are you’ll get goosebumps from his delivery), and the organisations which have been protecting him. Armitage Global is clearly going to play an important role in the mythology, although I hope we don’t get into too much internal internecine warfare there – the disposal of Rutledge’s rival hopefully will act as a warning.

We get another well-done death scene, with some neat misdirection along the way (let’s just say it wasn’t the kid I expected to be on the subway tracks), and a surprising turn of events for the police officer, although I am wondering if we’re going to get any explanation as to how the canine protectors are getting into the various places that they’re appearing. Other subplots are bubbling away nicely, with one particularly intriguing idea being floated about a character we’ve thought was dead and gone…

Verdict: Glen Mazzara and his team are fleshing out the world around Damien very well without losing any forward momentum. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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