Review: Doctor Who: AudioGO: The Devil in the Smoke

devilBy Justin Richards, read by Dan Starkey

AudioGO, out now

The prequel to The Snowmen sees Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax investigating a mysterious murder in the snow…

Justin Richards’ original ebook (which we review here) has been brought to life in the second of these crossover events by the good folk at AudioGO. Dan Starkey displays a fantastic vocal range to imbue the story with a whole gamut of characters, from Cockney orphans Harry and Jim, to the suave villain of the piece.

He also, of course, has to imitate his fellow detectives, adopting a faint Scots bur for Neve McIntosh’s Vastra, and a stark Cockney for Catrin Stewart’s Jenny which means that the scenes between the three of them play out as comically on audio as they did on the page – in particular, my favourite scene where Strax is adamant that he knows how Felicity Gregson dies, and everyone else knows full well his ideas are bordering on the insane!

Starkey has a real enthusiasm for the text – the action sequences are well-paced and the dialogue bounces between the characters at a sensible speed. Justin Richards’ text is rather florid and ornate, as befits the period, and Starkey allows this to roll under his tongue – an appearance alongside Jago and Litefoot should be in his future!

Verdict: A fun rendition of an enjoyable story.  8/10

Paul Simpson

Click here to buy Devil in the Smoke


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