Blake’s 7: Review: Big Finish Audio: The Liberator Chronicles 4.2: Epitaph

Blake 4Vila becomes caught up in Jenna’s family history…

Scott Harrison’s first foray into the Blake’s 7 universe (Archangel) showed that he had a handle on the characters, and could write dialogue for them which felt right. This continues in this examination of Jenna Stannis, providing her with a family and asking some uncomfortable questions about what life was like for those related to the ‘Seven’ (or, as Jenna quite rightly points out in this story, the ‘Six’) after they captured the Liberator. The answers won’t come as a surprise to anyone with any knowledge of the way that dictatorial regimes work, and the outcome for some of her family members mirrors too many cases in the real world. The story also presents Jenna with a situation that no one could envy, and a choice that, luckily for her, becomes unnecessary as events progress.

It’s very much Jenna’s story, with the focus on Sally Knyvette, but Michael Keating gives her great support as Vila; there aren’t great insights into the cowardly thief, but his whinging adds a grounded element to a tale of revenge and family honour.

The only thing that really lets this story down is the incidental music. As I was recently reminded, many people only notice the music score on a TV episode or film if it is not doing its job and pulls you out of the story. The music here just seems counterintuitive at times, and works against what Harrison is trying to achieve. It’s so rare that this happens on the Big Finish audios that it’s even more noticeable.

Verdict: A neat expansion of Jenna’s past. 7/10

Paul Simpson  

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