Warehouse 13: Review: Season 3 Ep 1

Syfy, July 11 (US)

Warehouse 13 has a new recruit, Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore), who knows when someone is lying. The search for a lost Shakespeare folio brings Myka (Joanne Kelly) back into the fold.

A bright and breezy opener, with a fast moving and witty script, is just what Warehouse 13 needed for its third season opener, and that’s just what we got. The opening encounter with the guitar of Jimi Hendrix sees all the team (excepting the departed Myka) in action and efficiently introduces Aaron Ashmore’s ATF agent Steve Jinks. Pretty soon, he’s visited by Mrs Frederic (CCH Pounder) and recruited to join the Warehouse.

Ashmore is a great addition, providing a new dynamic with Eddie McLintock’s Pete Latimer in the absence of Myka. She’s soon back in action, though, drawn away from her mousy incarnation as a bookstore owner to save the day when Latimer and Jinks get themselves in a whole heap of trouble.

Fun, fast-paced, and with some nice bits for Allison Scagliotti (as Claudia) and Saul Rubinek (as Artie)—although Genelle Williams’ Leena is still underused—and a simple gimmick for the plot, Warehouse 13 makes for an entertaining break from some of the more serious, angsty SF TV series out there.

Verdict: Efficient, lightweight opener kicks off the third season nicely.

Episode 1 ‘The New Guy’: 6/10

Brian J. Robb

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