Review: Doctor Who: AudioGo Classic Novels: The Sensorites

When the TARDIS lands on a spaceship, the Doctor and his companions become caught between humans and the mysterious inhabitants of the Sense-Sphere…

Another example of the AudioGo releases matching the DVDs, with William Russell’s reading of Nigel Robinson’s novelisation coming hot on the heels of the television version becoming available once more. It’s Russell’s third go at the story – he previously also narrated the television soundtrack – and he imbues the characters with enough differences that it’s always clear who’s talking, even when the book simply contains dialogue.

Robinson fleshes out some of the background (although of course now, there would have to be references to the Ood who apparently live nearby) but it’s a real mix of a tale, with some political intrigue, a poisoning for the Doctor to investigate, and the xenophobia of two races to somehow overcome.  At times Russell’s reading belies his age, and five decades fall away in his portrayal of Ian, and the sparing use of the incidental music works well.

Verdict: Not the strongest of Doctor Who stories, but brought to life well by William Russell.  6/10

Paul Simpson

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