Lost Girl: Review: Series 2 Ep 1

Three weeks after the explosion at Light Fae headquarters, Dyson is missing, and Bo is helping Trick and Hale sort out various messes. And that’s before the circus comes to town…

A slightly hesitant opening outing for the second year of the Showcase series which seems to have kicked off well with its US debut last week. This re-establishes all the various parameters – Bo’s succubus urges (which lead to a wonderful put-down from Kenzi when they’re at a nightclub), Dyson’s problems as a result of his sacrifice last season; Lauren’s attraction to Bo; Trick’s uneasy position in the Fae community – but the story of the week, with a circus of malevolent Fae causing trouble, is a little too predictable.

There are some hints that things will be different this year though: there’s no mention of Bo being a private detective or of needing to earn a living elsewhere. There’s a creepy little girl that Bo keeps seeing who turns out to be that mainstay beloved of writers for season openers – a harbinger of some dire doom to come, which, surprise, surprise, will probably take 22 weeks to sort out.

Verdict:  This would have made a good second episode, but really needed a bit more fire for its premiere position. 

“Something Wicked This Fae Comes” 6/10

Paul Simpson

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