True Blood: Review: Season 5 Ep 9

HBO, 5 August 2012

Bill’s plan to destroy the Tru Blood factories comes to fruition and the vampires start to run wild. Pam and Tara lose control at Fangtasia; Eric is still trapped inside the Authority, with Bill now firmly aligned with Salome. Russell is free to roam the countryside with Steve as his new sidekick and the werewolf pack as his minions.

As the season winds down, there’s a showdown in Merlotte’s and another one on a pig farm, bringing two of the disparate storylines to a close. Well, that’s a bit of a relief then! Shame that the return of Bud Dearborne is just so cliché ridden. It’s also finally beginning to become clear how the vampire and werewolf plots might actually come together.

Still, what the producers have done with the Authority this season has been disappointing. Here, Russell just seems to be set on recreating his old ways and Eric (with the help of the underwritten Molly—a character who certainly has potential and probably deserves better) seems to be running around in circles getting nowhere. Bill also comes across as a spent character with Stephen Moyer failing to add any passion or much in the way of potential double bluff to his scenes.

Saviours of the episode are Andy and Jason, and in particular Andy’s pronouncements and eventual actions about being an authority figure—something that so clearly contrasts with the shenanigans attempted by the vampire Authority. Even a guest appearance by Robert Patrick as Alcide’s father fails to lift this episode above average. Come on Pam and Tara (with some nice little snippets of future scene setting going on around them)—it’s all up to you now!

Verdict: Andy gets the crown!

Episode 9 ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’: 6/10

Brigid Cherry


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