Misfits: Review: Series 3 Episode 6

Rudi’s unpleasant way of dealing with people causes him problems exactly where it’ll hurt the most – and Curtis discovers that his power can become erratic…

A more humorous episode than some of late – although the portions relating to next week’s instalment have a menacing air – this gets down to some of Misfits’ usual preoccupations – sex, sex, and more sex. Curtis realises, in a wonderful moment of total horror, that for someone with his power, having sex with yourself isn’t just a fancy description for wanking – it can have some unexpected consequences (although wouldn’t it have been great if he had been carrying Rudi’s child?)

Rudi’s standard shag-them-and-leave routine leads to his penis turning black – every old dirty joke coming to life. Simon is his unlikely helpmate as he desperately tries to find out exactly who he slept with, and although it’s played for laughs for quite a lot of the time, it turns serious when it needs to.

Kelly, meanwhile, is getting loved up with Seth – who unfortunately seems to have an agenda of his own, as revealed in the final few minutes. It’s a shame that the one “normal” relationship in the series is going to be sorely tested… but who can resist the idea of this mob fighting zombies?

Verdict: Occasionally laugh-aloud funny, this is more like the show used to be.  7/10

Paul Simpson


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