Warehouse 13: Review: Season 3 Ep 4

Syfy (US) August 1; (UK) August 25

Pete’s ex-wife’s wedding is made a night to remember by an artifact, while Jinks and Claudia re-enact the Civil War.

Everyone is stunned when Pete’s ex-wife Amanda shows up – mostly because nobody knew that he was married. A Marine, Amanda announces that she’s getting remarried and, after bribing Pete with a comic book, asks for her family’s wedding ring back so she can give it to her new husband.

Unfortunately, Amanda gets a stowaway in her bag: a scarab, the stinger of which turns her into a virtual Queen Bee, making everyone she touches obey her every command. The sting comes on her wedding day, and contact with her bridal party – all Marines – turns the wedding into a siege. This provides both comedy (particularly following a seemingly innocent request to keep the future in-laws out of the way) and wince-inducing violence, as the climax includes some brutal hand-to-hand combat among people who are supposed to be friends.

Meanwhile, Jinks and Claudia go to a Civil War re-enactment to try to recover Ulysses S. Grant’s hip flask. The B-plot is mostly there for Jinks/Claudia bonding, and also an opportunity for Aaron Ashmore and Alison Scagliotti to play dress-up.

Jeri Ryan plays Amanda, and she and Eddie McClintock have the easy casualness of two people who used to be intimate, have both long since moved on, but know each other way too well. It’s also fun to see that – in a show that has already established the Bionic Woman as Artie’s love interest and Colonel Tigh as Myka’s Dad – Seven of Nine is Pete’s ex.

Verdict: A very enjoyable episode with a good look into Pete’s past.

Episode 4 “Queen for a Day”: 7/10

Keith R.A. DeCandido

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