Lost Girl: Review: Season 1 Ep 1

When succubus Bo saves a young girl from date rape, her good deed backfires as she is drawn into a world that she should have been part of for many years…

There’s no quarter given in this Canadian fantasy series, which comes to Syfy UK after a successful run in Canada, and is now just starting its second season in its home country. Anna Silk plays Bo with just the amount of cynicism necessary for someone who knows that she’s out of the ordinary (lovers tend not to survive one-night stands…!) but who can’t quite believe what she’s being told.

Of necessity, this opening instalment contains a great deal of exposition and info-dumping, but it still manages to maintain its pace as we meet the different sides of the Fae – notably Kris Holden-Reid’s Dyson, a homicide detective who has split loyalties, and former Smallville guest star Emmanuelle Vaugier doing her best to go as far over the top as Jacqueline Pearce’s Servalan in Blake’s 7 30 years ago. There’s also the obligatory human audience point of view character, although Ksenia Solo’s Kenzi is… shall we say, troubled in her own way.

Verdict: A fun show that will appeal to fans of series like Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld novels. It’ll be interesting to see if it can carve its own niche.  7/10

Paul Simpson

Episode 2 >>>>


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