Star Trek: Review: Voyager: Unworthy

UNWORTHY_01By Kirsten Beyer

Pocket Books, out now

Heading out once more to the Delta Quadrant, the new fleet faces problems internally and externally…

Having brought the Voyager crew into line with the rest of the Star Trek 24th century series (excepting DS9), Kirsten Beyer takes them back to a place where many thought they’d never go again – and indeed, spent seven years trying to escape from. This time, things are meant to be different – Voyager is just one of a fleet, and new technology means that it’s not as stranded.

Beyer’s own characters take equal stage with those from the series, although fans of the TV series enraged by Pocket’s decision to kill off Janeway may well be mollified by the final set up of the fleet, something which is in constant flux throughout the book.

The title has multiple meanings as members of the Voyager crew either deem themselves or are found to be unworthy, while the fleet encounters a race who emulate the Borg to a frightening extent, and are not best pleased to discover that the events of the Destiny trilogy have removed the Borg from the galactic scene.

Verdict: With some neat plot twists, this is an enjoyable continuation of the Voyager relaunch which perhaps gets that element of the franchise back on the course it should have been from the start.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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