Review: Doctor Who: Postcards from Time and Space

A hundred postcards in one box…

This is a case of the item very much doing what it says on the tin – or in this case, rather nicely decorated TARDIS box. The images are predominantly from the 11th Doctor’s era, but there are a few featuring aliens from the 10th (including River), gallery shots and specially created designs. Van Gogh’s painting of the exploding TARDIS is included, as is the Robot Santa images from the Christmas 2005 Radio Times cover. For fans of the ninth Doctor, there’s a shot of the Slitheen, Big Ben and the Appeal Poster for information about Rose from Aliens of London; and a picture of Platform One from The End of the World. The only Doctor on display is the 11th, with one exception: the crossover picture of Tennant and Smith that was released after The End of Time.

Verdict: As a pictorial record of the last few years, it’s certainly different, but it will make a good Christmas present for the young Doctor Who fan – you may even get one of the cards back as a thank you! 7/10

Paul Simpson


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