The Librarians: Review: Series 1 Episode 4

Librarians 1.4…and Santa’s Midnight Run

It’s the Librarians to the rescue when someone kidnaps Santa Claus from London…

Quirks of timing mean that the show’s Christmas episode comes very early in the run, as we are still getting to know the characters. It’s an opportunity to learn a little bit more about Eve Baird, and there are a few hints dropped by Jenkins which you need to be listening carefully to pick up on.

Both this and the Doctor Who special this year feature a real incarnation of Santa Claus but, unlike Nick Frost, perhaps wisely Bruce Campbell doesn’t don the full outfit. Instead, he embodies the spirit of Santa – and has a ball with the various different versions of the character across the ages. The speaking in the third person bit is deliberately annoying, but used well, and the sequences when Ezekiel is wearing his hat and becomes infected show the character’s power without putting too much emphasis on Campbell at the expense of the series’ stars.

Everyone is enjoying themselves, so in the spirit of Christmas, we’ll gloss over the snow-free wastelands of Canada on Christmas Eve, and the left hand drive car with changing number plates conveniently at the “railroad” yard in London – this really isn’t a show to be too picky about!

Verdict: An unabashedly feelgood episode to get you in the Christmas mood. 7/10

Paul Simpson



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