Being Human: Review: Series 4 Ep 7: Making History (spoiler-free review)

Cutler’s plans begin to come together…

Forget the light and fluffy – this is Being Human at its most serious. All three of our leads have their own thread during this episode, which obviously intersect to a certain extent (the arrival of the Old Ones, baby Eve’s involvement in their plans and Cutler’s various designs are common, but in ways which you sometimes won’t expect).

As with some of the best of the earlier episodes, the flashbacks are used to make a point about the present, rather than just illuminating a facet of the characters; unusually, the flashbacks are counterpointed with modern-day scenes throughout the episode, allowing the viewer to be one jump ahead of the characters.

Amid this, there’s a new dimension to the Hal and Alex relationship, which turns things around quite dramatically. In fact it’s an episode for seeing a lot of new sides to Hal, and, particularly in some of the flashbacks to his pre-Leo days, there’s a terrible coldness to Damien Molony’s performance which almost makes you shudder.

Leonora Critchlow is caught up in a necessary, but prolonged, info dump, and there is some very good sound design in these scenes which fills in the gaps that the visuals simply can’t provide. You won’t listen to the song Que Sera Sera quite the same after this.

And fans of Michael Socha won’t be displeased either, as we see the character apparently inexorably heading into more trouble than he can handle.

Verdict: Thoroughly engrossing.  8/10

Paul Simpson

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