The Fades: Review: Series 1 Ep 2

BBC Three, September 28

Paul tries to find a way to maintain a normal life as he is increasingly drawn into the Angelics’ fight against the Fades…

The Fades is clearly going to through everything, probably literally including a kitchen sink, at the storyline, as we get a zombie element added to the horror tropes that were liberally plundered in the opening episode. There’s movement on all the various plotlines throughout the hour, as veteran Angelic Neil tries to persuade Paul to drop his friends and family and concentrate on the battle. He and his friend Mac though would rather concentrate on the party that Paul’s sister is planning.

There are some stylistic twists: the “previously on” section is slightly different from normal, although it does suffer from what might be described as ‘Captain’s Log Syndrome’ – how can the narrator of the clips know everything that he’s talking about? If he did, then he’d act differently through the episode. The gross-out level is a bit lower, although the image of a single ripped off forearm twisting gently in the breeze out in the woods is likely to stay with you.

Director Farren Blackburn has an eye for composition that fits the genre – it will be interesting to see what he does with the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Verdict: If you found the opener’s use of horror clichés enjoyable, you’ll want to stick with this. 6/10

Paul Simpson

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