Switch: Review: Series 1 Episode 4 (spoiler-free)

Grace’s mugging has unexpected consequences for the girls’ fifth anniversary…

It’s good to see the Witches of Kensington back in this episode: while the day-to-day life of our four heroines provides sufficient material for some storylines, they definitely work better with a focused antagonist (or four). It would be interesting, just for a change in the second series, perhaps, to have an episode that centres on the WoKs, with our girls peripheral, to give even more contrast to the friendships between the Camden crew.

Grace is given a confidence spell, which means a change in her dealings with everybody: while she never quite gets to Stella-levels of bossiness, seeing her take charge is quite refreshing, and must have been fun for Phoebe Fox to play. Her tribute to Spike Milligan is a nice touch (what she does to the guy at the bus stop is apparently how the former Goon used to treat similar situations in pubs).

Jude and Hannah feel a little underused in this episode, although they have a nice little B plot between them, and it’s good to see the supporting cast, at both Jude and Stella’s workplaces, reappear. And as for Gerry… well, he’s going to be faced with some choices soon…

Verdict: Touching and funny in turn, another enjoyable episode. 7/10

Paul Simpson



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