Daredevil: Review: Series 1 Episode 9: Speak of the Devil

DD 9Fisk makes his move against the Masked Man…

And after three episodes of contemplation – or as much contemplation as this series is going to allow downtime for – everything ramps up again, with the battle between Nobu and Matt dominating the hour. It’s already been established that Fisk likes getting other people to fight his battles for him, and he plays both Nobu and Matt to get them to the warehouse on Pier 81.

Of course, that’s not the only encounter between the two in this episode: in a very Ian Fleming-esque manner, Matt and Fisk meet on neutral territory first, getting the chance for our hero to size our villain up, and for our villain to realise that there’s more to our hero than he first thinks. It’s a very well-played scene, both in the initial discussion between Matt and Vanessa, and then between Fisk and Matt.

Foggy and Karen bond yet further following the tragic death of Elena – a death that can be tracked back to Matt, which may well become a bone of contention between them all, particularly given the discovery Foggy makes at the end of the episode – but there’s an anger driving Karen that Foggy has yet to demonstrate.

The discussion between Matt and the priest also underlines the moral ambiguity at the heart of Murdock’s quest – and suggests the way the series may end…

Verdict: Looking forward instead of back once more, the series is ramping up again.

Paul Simpson


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