Terra Nova: Review: Series 1 Ep 11

The spy’s identity is revealed to everyone – as she learns of Lucas’s plans to change Terra Nova forever…

The various underlying subplots come to the fore for this start of the first season conclusion, as Shannon and Taylor realise that Sky is the spy, while Lucas Taylor completes his work on the portal, turning it into a two-way device (in other words, making it a Stargate for real!)

There’s no real sop to the show’s location on this occasion – apart from the use of a couple of herbivores as a distraction – so this stands or falls on how much the audience has bought into the characters over the past three months. Taylor and Sky’s relationship has been one of the lower-key elements of the show but has been used to show a less aggressive side to the commander, and it’s clear that had the spy been anyone else, the treatment Taylor meted out would be very different.

The confrontation between the Taylors at the portal might perhaps have been a better place to end the episode than the Henry V-type speech Taylor makes to bring things to a close, but at least that means it’s out of the way for the big two-part finale…

Verdict: A chess-piece moving episode in preparation for the end, but nonetheless entertaining.

Episode 11: “Within” 7/10

Paul Simpson


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