Lost Girl: Review: Season 1 Ep 2

Bo tries to help a Will o’the Wisp regain his lost jewels…

The danger that this show could become impossibly twee rears its head with the rather odd figure of the Will o’the Wisp (and older British viewers may get a pang of nostalgia for Evil Edna when they hear the name), but that’s more than made up for with the introduction of the assassins of the Fae world – the origins for the urban legend of the Headless Hunstman.

The whole episode is a little toned down from the pilot: we don’t have the flamboyance of the two leaders of the Fae, although we still have the Elder, Trick, played by Rick Howland – but even he’s reined in some of his metaphorical moustache twirling. The sexual side of Bo’s nature is allowed to play out more than it might on network American television – the orgasmic bliss she induces prior to killing someone is clear, and the episode closes with her sating her thirst by shagging another Fae – but ironically, this grounds it.

Ksenia Solo’s Kenzi is still a bit irritating and as yet she’s still not developed a clear personality beyond some particular tics, but these are still early days.

Verdict:  A pleasant way to while away an hour. 

Episode 2: “Where There’s A Will, There’s A Fae” 6/10

Paul Simpson

Episode 3 >>>> 


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