Review: Star Wars Dressing Gown

Personalised dressing gowns/bathrobes are nothing new – they’ve been a sign of a certain style for many years (think of the clichéd picture of Noel Coward, replete with dressing gown and cigarette holder), or been part of the dressing-up kit for youngsters.

Now however those who want to combine the two elements can do so with various garments that have been adjusted to fit various fandoms. Following on from a range of Star Trek items – available in command gold, science blue or engineering red – comes the Jedi dressing gown. Whereas the Trek items are three-quarters length, these are full to the ground, and come complete with  hood – very useful if you have to pop out into the garden to chase the dogs in on a wet night!

While the items they emulate are meant to be functional robes, perhaps emphasising the ascetic nature of the Jedi and their being a little beyond the rest of us, these are incredibly comfortable – just the thing for putting on to watch Return of the Jedi on a wet bank holiday evening perhaps?

Paul Simpson

The Jedi bathrobes can be ordered here for adults; here for children


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