Review: Afflicted

AFFLICTED_DVD_2DEntertainment One, out now

Two lifelong friends go on a trip around the world – the last chance that one of them will ever have. But his condition isn’t necessarily the cause of the troubles that affect them…

Found-footage films can be incredibly annoying if they’re not done with a degree of style and originality. There are certain conceits that have to be accepted – isn’t it amazing that pretty much every important event is documented even when the last thing in real life that you’d be thinking of is “where is my camera” – and there always seems to be some clever editing going on.

While Afflicted isn’t the genre-transcending masterpiece that some have acclaimed it as, it certainly tries to be different, and the two filmmakers – Clif Prowse and Derek Lee who play versions of themselves in the movie – are to be applauded for that. There are a lot of gross moments, but there’s also a good leavening of humour, and because it concerns a condition that no one understands, there are a number of surprises in store for both characters and audience as Derek discovers exactly what he can now do – and with a camera strapped to him, we see it first-hand.

Verdict: Worth seeking out – and its makers are definitely worth keeping an eye on to see what they do next. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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