Review: Primeval Series 3 Ep 3

An anomaly in a hospital leads to a cascade of creatures, while at long last Helen’s plans are revealed…

This week’s episode starts off cute and cuddly but takes a very serious and dangerous turn halfway through. After an episode which sidelined Nick Cutter, this one is very much focused on him – both Nick himself and the clone which Helen has created in order to get access to the ARC.

The scenes in the hospital play to Primeval’s comedy strengths, almost reaching the level of French farce at times. It stretches credibility that Abby ends up acting as a midwife, but that level is needed to counterpoint the scenes in the ARC, and although some of the plots introduced in earlier episodes are sidelined, everyone gets something to do, emphasising the ensemble nature of the series.

While there are still a lot of questions left at the end of the episode about how she knows what she claims, Helen Cutter’s plans and driving motivations are revealed, and the depth of feeling between her and Nick adds an extra dimension to the confrontation between the two of them.

Verdict: Whatever you do, don’t miss this.  8/10

Paul Simpson

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