Review: Doctor Who: Books: River’s Run

River's RunBy Stephen James Walker

Telos, out now

A guide to series six of the revamped Doctor Who, and pretty much everything else that was going on in 2011…

Stephen James Walker’s guides to the new Doctor Who have always made for an enjoyable read, as well as providing a solid overview of what was happening with the show during the period they cover. Walker doesn’t hesitate to give his opinions as to what went right or wrong with episodes – a number of them which were slated by some fans are described in glowing terms in his conclusions – but he backs these up with solid analysis.

River’s Run lists the other stories that were released during the time – or at least those which pertain to the new series. This means that the Big Finish classic Doctors stories don’t get mentioned, which is an odd gap in a book that otherwise is exhaustive in its treatment of the franchise during 2011 – we get all the different comic strips (including the Comic Con special), and the various staged items.

Verdict: With the Smith era drawing to a close, Walker highlights some interesting elements of its middle period. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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