Being Human: Review: Series 3 Ep 3: Type Four

Mitchell’s journey to fetch Annie has a totally unforeseen side effect, as the group encounter their first zombie…

And of course, since this is Being Human, it’s not your standard “I want to eat your brains” zombie. No, it’s a clubbing 20-something who takes some considerable time to realise that she really is no longer alive. Her refusal to act appropriately is at the centre of the humour of what is by some distance the grossest episode of the show yet, with the make up team having fun with decaying flesh, Y-shaped incisions and general gore – and just wait until you see what kind of make up the girl needs for a night on the town with Annie and Nina…

In contrast, it’s a dark episode for Mitchell, as he discovers that he has A Fan, one who wants to be part of his life and when spurned, threatens to tell those Mitchell loves about the Box Tunnel Massacre. It’s not the right time for Mitchell to realise that Annie is in love with him!

George and Nina also have a major development to deal with, which is telegraphed very unsubtly in the clips chosen for the “previously on…” which leads to some revelations about Nina’s past and major changes for their future.

Switching from high drama to black comedy in an instance, this is a show supremely confident in its power to deliver.  8/10

Paul Simpson


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