Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish: The Stageplays: The Ultimate Adventure

Relive the glories of the 1989 stage play, as the sixth Doctor, Jason and Crystal battle the might of the Daleks and the Cybermen…

Of the three Doctor Who stage plays, The Ultimate Adventure is probably the one best remembered, simply because it’s so recent. Jon Pertwee originated the role onstage, with Colin Baker taking over mid-run, which led to a few script changes. Oddly, for the CD version, although Baker by necessity stars, there are more than a few remnants of the Pertwee-specific version, including a sword fight that Baker requested changed for his Doctor.

Unfortunately, a lot of “I’m going to tell you what we’re seeing” dialogue has been added to the original script – which is hysterical when it’s being given by a Dalek! The three songs have also survived: they’re nowhere near as bad as people have made them out to be, but director Jason Haigh-Ellery is off beam when he thinks they could win Eurovision.

The play itself is a simple runaround, with everyone dashing back to the TARDIS every few minutes. It’s as close to pantomime as Doctor Who gets but as a relic is worth a listen. The documentary attached, on the other hand, is fascinating and worth the price of the disc! 7/10 (mainly for the documentary!)

Paul Simpson

Click here to order The Ultimate Adventure from Big Finish. The sequel, Beyond the Ultimate Adventure, is out now.


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